Glenn Beck Event 8/28/2010 - 1M strong

On 8/28/10, the Association sent nearly 1500 tri-state patriots on 28 buses to Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally in DC. No other group in the nation sent as many.   On  9/12/09, the Association sent 14 buses carrying 750 tri-state partiots to the 912 March on DC.  Again, no other group in the nation sent as many.



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                                                Media Advisory

Tea Party Group to Make Major Announcement About Its Future

Philadelphia, PA (July 24, 2014) --  The Independence Hall Tea Party will be making a major announcement, this Friday, regarding its future in the Tea Party movement," said Association President Teri Adams.

"This official announcement will be made during a morning Press Conference on Independence Mall."

What:    Press Conference to announce future of Independence Hall Tea Party.

When:   Friday, July 25, 2014, 11 AM.

Where:  People's Plaza, Independence Mall, 5th and Market Streets, Old City, Philadelphia.

Why:     To inform press and public regarding group's future in the Tea Party Movement.

Who:     Teri Adams, President, Independence Hall Tea Party Association; William Green, Vice President, Independence Hall Tea Party PAC;  Don Adams, Co-Founder, Independence Hall Tea Party; additional Board Members of the Independence Hall Tea Party.

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For Immediate Release

Group Applauds DC Circuit for Striking Down Obama

Administration's Policy of Subsidizing ObamaCare Enrollees Usingthe Federal Exchange Saying, "You can't have it both ways." 

Philadelphia, PA (July 23, 2014) --  The independence Hall Tea Party Association applauds the DC Circuit Court of Appeals for ruling against the Obama Administration's policy of illegally subsidizing

ObamaCare enrollees who register for health care through the Federal Exchange.

"The Affordable Care Act, an oxymoron if there ever was one, 

intentionally prevented taxpayer subsidy of enrollees using the Federal Exchange because Democrats in Congress wanted the 50 states to set up their own exchanges. 

As an incentive for the states to set up exchanges--the law only permits federal subsidies for those enrollees using State Exchanges,"  said Association President Teri Adams.

"In opposition to ObamaCare, 36 states refused to setup exchanges--something Democrats in Congress did not anticipate.

"The Obama Administration has been thwarting the law and stealing from the Federal treasury in order to keep the absurd 2000+ page ObamaCare law viable.  Without those subsidies, several million Federal Exchange enrollees could not afford to pay for their policies and they would be furious.

"The Administration cannot have it both ways.  Democrats in Congress intentionally decided to subsidize only enrollees using state exchanges.  Even the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, which disagreed with the DC Circuit in a similar suit, said that their decision was a close call," said Ms. Adams.

"We would argue that this is not a close call.  The Democrats in Congress, too clever for their own good, wound up undermining the Obama Administration's signature piece of legislation.

"If the US Supreme Court  agrees to hear this case, Chief Justice John Roberts cannot simply reinterpret provisions that were plainly and clearly written into the law the way he redefined a "penalty" as a "tax" in his 2012 decision upholding ObamaCare.

"The Supreme Court cannot save ObamaCare this time without usurping the role of Congress.

"Congress is the only branch of government with the authority to remedy ObamaCare--and House Republicans will not do so without completely dismantling most provisions of the ridiculous 2000+ page so-called 

'Affordable Care Act.'" 

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2014 Tri-State Congressional Tax Day Scorecard

(Click on image to enlarge.)



Fifth Annual Christmas Tea Party

Commemorating the 240th Anniversary of the 

Original Philadelphia Tea Party (December 27, 1773)

 2010 Christmas Tea Party

Friday, December 27, 2013, 5:30-8 PM

The Omni Hotel, 401 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA


This year, we are hosting our Christmas Tea Party indoors at the Omni Hotel in the heart of Independence National Historical Park.  
Dom Giordano will reprise his role as Dr. Benjamin Rush in a re-enactment of the original Tea Party and we will collect non-perishable food items for our region's homeless veterans.  
The event, to be held in the hotel's Salon/Lounge, includes a Cash Bar, plenty of Appetizers, and Great Company!
Guests may park at the Independence Visitors Center Garage,
21 South 5th St. for $5 (after 5 PM).



   Preserving America's Heritage 

On the 237th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence

Please Join Us for Our 5th Annual July 4th Celebration!

chris mattews, j. d. hayworth

  Keynote Address:
  J. D. Hayworth, Taking On Amnesty
Noted Commentator, 'recovering' Congressman, & Talk Show Host;
Co-Author:  Whatever It Takes:  Illegal Immigration, Border Security,
and the War on Terror.
Headliner:  Dom Giordano, WPHT 1210 Talk Show Host
Special Guests: Dr. Alieta Eck, NJ Senate Candidate, On ObamaCare;
Jordan Sekulow, ACLJ Executive Director, On IRS Scandal (Invited)
Also Featuring:  Whitehall Guard Fife and Drum; Pastor Todd Johnson; Sgt. Robert Allen Mansfield (Ret.); Brandon Posner, Chairman, Pennsylvania Teenage Republicans; Tory McClintock, Montgomery County Young Republicans; Karen Miller, Recipient, George Washington Leadership Award; Patricia Peteraf, Betsy Ross Lifetime Service Award; Jason O'Neill, Brenda Roames, Stephanie Lieberman,
Betsy Ross Activists of the Year .  
Thursday, July 4th, 2013
 1:00-3:30 PM; Doors Open 12:30 PM
Independence Visitors Center Ballroom
Independence Mall
6th and Market Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Adults:  $15 in advance; $20 at the door
Students:  $7.50 in advance; $10 at the door
(lite refreshments will be served)
Also on July 4th:  11:30 AM Luncheon with J. D. Hayworth at City Tavern.
(very limited seating)  

Presented and Sponsored by  

Independence Hall Logo
Independence Hall Tea Party Association
proudly presents our
5th Annual April Tri-State T.E.A. Party
featuring best-selling author
Amity Shlaes
"The President Who Said 'No' to Taxes and Spending"
 With Dom Giordano, talk show host, WPHT 1210 AM;
  Bill Miller, author,Tea Party Papers; & the 286 Band.
Sunday, April 28, 2013
3-5 PM, Doors Open 2:30 PM
Tea & Photo Op with Amity, 2 PM
Independence Visitors Center Ballroom
6th & Market Streets
Philadelphia, PA

Main Event includes Book Sales/Signings, Q & A, lite refreshments.

Noon Luncheon with Ms. Shlaes at City Tavern
 (Seating limited. For details, click link below.)
In Cooperation with and Citizens for Advancing Freedom

2013 Tri-State Congressional Tax Day Scorecard on Tax-Related Issues Only

Updated 3013 House Scorecard
Updated Senate Scorecard

We had a full house at our On Defense of the Second Amendment event. Thank you to everyone who made this event a success, especially WNTP 990 AM!


Independence Hall Logo WNTP

Proudly Present

On Defending the Second Amendment

Keynote Speaker:

Attorney Ben Shapiro
Noted Author and Breitbart Editor
Ben Shapiro
Also Featuring:
Pat Meehan

Congressman Pat Meehan

Mayor Little
The Honorable Anna Litttle
Matt Rooney
Attorney Matt Rooney
Daryl Metcalfe

PA Rep. Daryl Metcalfe

Bob Viden

Jersey's Bob Viden

Dave Lawson

DE Sen. Dave Lawson

 Sunday, March 3, 2013
Main Event, 2-4 PM, Doors Open, 1:30 PM
Tea with Ben, 1-1:30 PM
Independence Visitors Center Ballroom
Independence Mall
6th and Market Streets, Philadelphia, PA
Event to include Panel Discussion with Audience Participation,
Bullies Book Sale/Signing, and Refreshments.

in Cooperation with

American Sheepdogs, Cherry Hill Area Tea Party, Coalition for Advancing Freedom, Delaware County Patriots, Founders Values, Greenwich Tea Party
Patriots of South Jersey, Patriots of Lower Bucks County.

            Due to weather concerns, our Christmas Tea Party has been postponed until January 5, 2013.



  Please join us for our 4th Annual Christmas Tea Party   Commemorating the 239th Anniversary of the First Philadelphia Tea Party; the  225th Anniversary of the US Constitution; and the 225th Anniversary of the Constitution's Ratification by Delaware, Pennsylvania & New Jersey.

2011 Christmas Tea Party Announcement 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

12 Noon-1 PM

Independence Mall

5th and Market Streets

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2010 Christmas Tea Party

Featuring: WPHT talk show hosts Dom Giordano as Dr. Benjamin Rush, leader of the December 27, 1773 Philadelphia Tea Party, reciting the original Boston and Philadelphia Tea Party Resolutions; WPHT's Rich Zeoli; the Honorable Anna Little; Montco Young Republican Tory McClintock; the Association's John Peteraf; the Whitehall Guard Fife and Drum; Commemorative Program; hot cider & cookies.

 Free and open to the public.

AFTER PARTY, Independence Visitors Center, 1-3 PM, featuring Panel Discussion: On America's Future: Short and Long Term PredictionsAnnouncement of 2012 Federal and State (DE, NJ, PA) Legislators of the Year.

    Cost: $20 for adults; $10 for college & high school students; $5 for children. Lite lunch will be served.

Register Here!





Please Join Us for Our 3rd Annual Commemoration of the

Signing of the United States Constitution on the

225th Anniversary

We the People 2012

Concert and Program

Featuring the Band that has Taken the Nation by Storm

Madison Rising


Madison Rising

Constitution Day

Monday, September 17, 2012

6:30-8 PM

Independence Mall

5th and Market Streets

Philadelphia, PA

Also Featuring: Dom Giordano Comentary &

Reading of the Preamble to the Constitution;

Chris Stigall Reading the Bill of Rights;

Lite Refreshments

Free and Open to the Public

For more information, call 215.663.1983

Sponsored by the Independence Hall Tea Party Association


Winning in 2012 - Featuring John Fund

Winning in 2012: Maximizing the Vote/Minimizing the Fraud, Sunday, August 12


Winning in 2012:

Maximizing the Vote/Minimizing the Fraud

Keynote Speaker
John Fund
John Fund
Noted Commentator and Journalist
Author, Stealing Elections (2004, 2008) 
Who's Counting? (August, 2012 release)
Special Guests: Dom Giordano,  Acclaimed Talk Show Host, WPHT 1210 AM
Martin Gillespie, NE Regional Director, American Majority
Linda Kerns, Esq., Election Law Expert
Rich Zeoli, Political Analyst; Talk Show Host, WPHT 1210 AM
Featuring: Panel Discussion on Voter Fraud, Voter ID, & Voter Integrity
Break with Lite Refreshments, Who's Counting? Book Sale/Signing
Workshop on Voter Registration, Absentee Ballots, Get Out the Vote


Sunday, August 12, 2012
1:30-4:30 PM
Independence Visitors Center Ballroom
6th and Market Streets
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
Cost: $20 per person
Parking: Independence Visitors Center Garage
($10 voucher upon presentation of Parking Garage ticket)

 Presented and Sponsored by

American MajorityIndependence Hall Logo
In Cooperation with
American Sheepdogs, Cherry Hill Area Tea Party, Coalition for Advancing Freedom, Delaware County Patriots, Faith and Freedom Coalition of Delaware, Pennsylvania Conservative Council, Saturday Morning in America, and Valley Forge Patriots.

July 4th American Exceptionalism Celebration Featuring Keynote Speaker Pamela Geller, Dom Giordano, Ed Turzanski, Gary R'nel, Sher Valenzuela, Rick Jensen, Rev. Jesse Woods, Matt Rooney, Esq., Sergeant Robert Mansfield


Tri-State ObamaCare SCOTUS Decision Press Conference, 6/28/12



On-line Poll:  You Choose the Republican VP Nominee

Who is your 1st choice to become the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee?

   Kelly Ayotte,  1 vote                    <1 %    

Chris Christie,  19 votes             4.9 %

Mitch Daniels,  2 votes                <1 %

Nikki Haley,  1 vote                     <1 %

      Mike Huckabee,  6 votes           1 .5 %     

 Bobby Jindal,  8 votes                2.0 %

     Suzanna Martinez,  4 votes       1.0 %    

 Bob McDonnell,  7 votes           1.8 %

      Rand Paul,  28 votes                  7.2 %    

  Tim Pawlenty,  2 votes                <1 %

       Rob Portman,  6 votes               1.5 %     

  Condaleezza Rice, 19 votes      4.9 %

       Marco Rubio, 151 votes           39.0 %    

   Paul Ryan, 24 votes                  6.2 %

    Brian Sandoval, 0 votes            0.0 % 

   Rick Santorum, 17 votes           4.3 %

       John Thune, 0 votes                  0.0 %    

   Scott Walker, 1 vote                   <1 %

       Allen West, 69 votes               17.8 %    

   Other, 22 votes                         5.6 %

   Totals, 387 votes                     100%

Who is your 2nd choice to become the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee?

Kelly Ayotte,  2 votes                 <1 %

Chris Christie,  32 votes            8.2 %

Mitch Daniels,  7 votes              1.8 %

Nikki Haley,  16 votes                 4.1 %

Mike Huckabee,  15 votes          3.8 %

Bobby Jindal,  23 votes              5.9 %

Suzanna Martinez,  7 votes        1.8 %

Bob McDonnell,  7 votes             1.8 %

Rand Paul,  22 votes                   5.6 %

Tim Pawlenty,  8 votes                2.0 %

Rob Portman,  6 votes                1.5 %

Condaleezza Rice,  28 votes      7.2 %

Marco Rubio,  61 votes             15.7 %

Paul Ryan,  38 votes                   9.8 %

Brian Sandoval,  1 vote                <1 %

Rick Santorum,  15 votes            3.8 %

John Thune,  2 votes                   <1 %

Scott Walker,  18 votes               4.6 %

Allen West,  61 votes                 15.7 %

Other,  18 votes                           4.6 %

Total,   387 votes                       100%


Others receiving write-in votes in either or both categories:  Pat Toomey, Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, General David Petraeus, Sarah Palin, Jeb Bush, Rudy Giuliano, Herman Cain, Jesse Ventura, and Carly Fiorina. 

Governor Romney Headlines Association's 4th annual Tax Day Tea Event

Governor Romney Featured Guest at Association's Tri-State Tax Day Tea Summit

Franklin Hall
Franklin Hall, The Franklin Institute
Honorary Host Committee*
American Action Network;
American Sheepdogs;
Bucks County Teenage Republicans;
Cherry Hill Area Tea Party;
Diamond State Tea Party;
Faith & Freedom
Coalition of Delaware;
Jersey Shore Tea Party;
Montgomery County
Young Republicans;
Repatriot Radio;
Romney 2012 Grassroots of PA;
Saturday Morning in America;
Christine J. Toretti,
National Republican Committeewoman (PA);
Congressman Charlie Dent (PA);
Congressman Chris Smith (NJ);
Congressman Jim Gerlach (PA);
Congressman Jon Runyan (NJ);
State Senator Joe Kyrillos (NJ);
The Honorable Anna Little (R-NJ);
US Senator Pat Toomey (PA)
*Serving on Host Committee does not imply endorsement of candidate. 



Please Join Us for Our
4th Annual Taxed Enough Already

Tri-State Tax Day Tea Summit

Monday, April 16, 2012, 6:30-8 PM
The Franklin Institute (Franklin Hall)
222 North 20th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Mitt and Ann

Featured Guest:  Governor Mitt Romney

 Master of Ceremonies:  Dom Giordano

  Invited:  DE, NJ, PA US Senate Candidates 

  Register and Pay Now!
(Must do so in advance. Please Click above link.)

Parking:  Franklin Institute Garage, $6.

Sponsored by:  Independence Hall Tea Party 

Disclaimer: Mitt Romney is not raising funds outside of federal law. Contributions from corporations, foreign nationals, labor unions, and government contractors are prohibited.

Association 2012 Tri-State Congressional Scorecard

 (Click to Enlarge)

Congressional Scorecard



For Immediate Release

 Association Leader Reacts Negatively to SCOTUS Immigration Ruling

Philadelphia, PA (June 25, 2012) -- Teri Adams, President of the Independence Hall Tea Party Association, voiced major objections over today's US Supreme Court ruling on Immigration and, at the same time, announced a Thursday Press Conference (11 AM) on Independence Mall, 5th and Market Streets, to discuss the court's ruling on the both the Arizona Law and ObamaCare.

"While we are still analyzing the full impact of the US Supreme Court's ruling on Arizona's immigration law, also known as SB 1070, we are very disappointed by the court's decision striking down three of the law's four provisions."

"The provision which was upheld, allowing police officers to check the immigration status during routine stops, could be easily overturned in the near future as the court is expected to revisit the issue in subsequent legal challenges."

Ms. Adams noted that, according to recent national polls, nearly 60% of Americans approved of the Arizona law.

"At the heart of today's decision is the misguided notion that only the Federal government has the right pass and enforce laws pertaining to illegal immigration simply because the US Constitution grants the Federal government jurisdiction over the 'naturalization' process," Ms. Adams said.

"Would the court use the same logic in regards to other illegal activity--such as murder and theft--which can also fall under the pervue of the Federal Government under the US Constitution?

"Justice Anton Scalia pointed out that since SB 1070 was not in conflict with Federal law, the state of Arizona, being a sovereign entity, has every right to pass and enforce laws that complement--not conflict with--Federal law.

"And when Federal Immigration Laws are not being enforced in the various states, shouldn't those states then have the right to do what the Federal government--and in this case the Obama Administration--is refusing to do?"


# # # 



The Gross National Debt



Tuesday, May 13, 2014 

(Click image to link to event page.)

July 4th Celebration  

Our 5th Annual featuring J. D. Hayworth on Immigration, Dr. Alieta Eck on ObamaCare, Attorney Jordon Sekulow on IRS Scandal (invited).  Theme:  Preserving America's Heritage.

With 1210 WPHT's Dom Giordano and the Whitehall Guard Fife and Drum.

Join us July 4, 2013, 1-3:30 PM, Independence Visitors Center Ballroom, Independence Mall, 6th and Market Streets, Phila.  To register, click here!


2013 April T.E.A. Party

Amity Shlaescalvin coolidge

Our 5th Annual featuring Amity Shlaes, author of Coolidge & The Forgotten Man. Theme: "The President Who Said 'No' to Taxes & Spending." 

With WPHT's Dom Giordano, Bill Miller (author of Tea Party Papers), & the 286 Band!  

Join us Sunday, April 28, 3-5 PM,  Independence Visitors Center Ballroom, 6th & Market Sts., Phila Register here!


Second Amendment Action Day


feast2013 tile1 Talk Radio 1210 WPHT


December 2012

Wreaths Across America 2011

Wreaths Across America '12 December 15, 12 Noon EST For a location near you, visit:


 Cornell - Tea Party Ad




Claimstar - ad

Dom Giordano at Our July 4, '09 Tea Party

(Right click on image, set to play)